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I have met a lot of incredible people in the Rockaways over the past few weeks- people who have survived the storm, who are determined to come out of this stronger, and who work tirelessly to empower their neighbors to rebuild the community.  And, as you already know, people who have lost everything.  I have met several children, all of whom have impressed me with the amount of spirit and resilience they posses despite having gone through so much.  I would like to help in bringing them a bit of joy for the holidays, and I invite you to join me!  

I will be collecting gifts and donations until Friday, December 21st, when I will make a delivery run to the Rockaways.  If you would like to send (or join in the delivery of)  wrapped gift(s) for children ages 3-15, please email me to arrange pickup.  

If you prefer to make a donation, all donations will go to the clean up of Veggie Island, which will host the Shore Soup, a soup kitchen operation providing warm meals to those in need in the area.  You will receive email updates from me and huge thanks for your support.  Link to donate below.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. Thank you- every bit of help is greatly appreciated.

Happy Happy Holidays!

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